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Memberships For Sale
Membership for Sale
Laura McAllister -- contact at laura.n.mcallister@gmail.com

Jared Balint -- contact at 314-737-1281 or Jaredbalint@att.net

Tim Fritz -- contact at trf34a@hotmail.com or 618-530-1512

Renee Stark -- contact at renstark@gmail.com

Scott Stinson -- contact at 314-550-6561

🙁 Nothing found at this time. Check back soon.

Board meeting: February 21, 2023 at Christ Church, 2400 S. Brentwood Blvd. The board meeting will begin at 7:00pm. The meeting will begin as an open session. Members that wish to speak will need to arrive between 6:50-7:00pm to sign in. Each member signed in will be given 3 minutes to speak. The board will not answer questions at this time. Answers to questions presented to the board will be provided at the next board meeting, in order to allow the board time to discuss and reach consensus. Anyone arriving after the meeting has begun will not be permitted to speak.
The board may facilitate a closed session after director reports are given, at which time members will be asked to leave.

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